Announced: Samsung 2.5″ 500GB Spinpoint M6

Samsung Electronics Looks like Samsung is joining Fujitsu in the 500GB Club. One difference – more platters and the Fujitsu runs at 4200rpm versus the Samsung’s 5400rpm. The new Samsung offering is called the Samsung Spinpoint M6.

They also announced a new 7200rpm 250GB notebook drive, as well as mentioned that a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) would be available to laptop manufacturers later in the year.

According to CNET, Samsung views the Lenovo ThinkPad X300 very favorably:

Jim Elliott, vice president of memory marketing for Samsung, called the X300’s debut a “hallmark event” for computing where soon more and more solid-state drives will be configured into notebook platforms, not as an afterthought configurable option.

“We expect this to be the beginning of a trend,” Elliott said.

And though 64GB SSD is what’s available now, but he did say that 128GB SSD will be available to a few PC manufacturers by midyear.

Samsung Spinpoint M6 specifications:
– MSRP of around $299
– 3Gpbs Serial ATA (SATA) Connection
– 2.5-inch form factor
– 0.37-inch (9.5mm) vertical space
– 500GB
– Three 167GB platters
– 5400rpm
– MB Cach

Samsung ships 2.5-inch 500GB hard drive
South Korea’s Samsung has announced the release of a new hard drive, what it is calling the world’s first 2.5-inch hard drive to reach a 500GB capacity. Although it fits into the standard 0.37-inch vertical space reserved for notebook disks, it nevertheless uses three stacked 167GB platters, spinning at 5,400rpm. An 8MB buffer is present, and it interfaces with systems using a 3Gbps SATA connection. Pricing is $299

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