Lenovo ThinkPad X300 – Design and the Future

Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Last week, we mentioned an interesting article/blog posting about the ThinkPad X300. It was basically things you wouldn’t be reading in a a review and it was exactly that.

It covered:
– The paint/covering
– Design of the feet
– The bottom of the X300
– User-serviceable parts
– The speakers and the keys

Well, over at Geek.com, Sal Cangeloso explored quite a bit of those features that nobody else is talking about. In addition, Sal goes into a little bit of what was behind the X300 and what might come out of it:

All told, the X300 has a number of very interesting changes. It’s very much a ThinkPad but what we see in the X300 is an evolution of the X series into something that is a lot cooler, and a lot more expensive, than the X61s. Much of this cost is due to the 64GB SSD, but this is standard so we probably won’t see the price dropping any time soon. The X300 was never intended to be a notebook for everyone though; this is, to a certain extent, Lenovo showing off just what they can do and displaying the technology that will be trickling down to the rest of the line in the near future.

Could that technology trickle down into something like the Lenovo ThinkPad X200?

Full article/review – Geek.com