Hand’s On with Dell Latitude XT (LAPTOP Magazine)

Dell Latitude XT This past weekend, Joanna Stern over at LAPTOP Magazine put Dell’s Latitude XT, their first convertible/Tablet PC, through its paces (complete with video).

The main focus of the Hands on was the capacitive touchscreen, one of the big reasons for Dell to jump into the convertible/Tablet PC market (that is, the screen can rotate and swivel to allow you to use it purely as a Tablet or as a laptop that just so happens to have a full-blown touchscreen). They were impressed:

We see a lot of tablets here at LAPTOP, but the XT’s capacitive touchscreen is one of the most responsive tablet screens we have ever seen. To burst the bubble of those expecting the screen to work like an iPhone’s, it just doesn’t. But it lets you do a lot more with your fingers.

Full Hands-On from LAPTOP Magazine (with video)