Dell Latitude XT2 – Leaked?

Dell Latitude XT If Engadget is correct, towards the end of this year (November 2008), Dell will be introducing a sequel to the Dell Latitude XT 12.1″ convertible Tablet PC/laptop.

Our view: It’s very plausible – the timing is right. Firewire port is odd/interesting. eSATA makes sense – Dell has been doing this on all their lines. Would not be surprised to see HDMI at some point, but it wasn’t mentioned here.

Drum roll please: Dell Latitude XT2

– Discontinue Latitude XT in Q4 2008 (November) / Q1 2009
– Introduce Latitude XT2 in Q4 2008 (November) / Q1 2009
– Will be about a three month overlap

Target Weight: Less than 3.5 (1.58kg)
Platform: Intel Montevina (Centrino 2)
CPU: Both Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) and Low Voltage (LV)
Graphics: Intel-based, Supports Windows Vista Aero
Ports: Firewire/1394, eSATA
Media Base: XT2 Media Base (uses XT media base)
Optical drive: Possibly integrated, rather than in external media base)

Article: Engadget (including renderings)