Review: Booq Boa Slimcase M

Booq Boa Slimcase M

MacNN has put together a review of the Booq Boa Slimcase M.

The Boa Slimcase M will hold either the 13″ Apple MacBook or MacBook Air or the 15″ MacBook Pro. It will also hold non-Apple notebooks ranging in size from 11″ to 13″. The price is around $115.

One of the nice features is that when you open it while carrying it normally, you don’t have to worry about the laptop falling out:

The 3-pound bag is made to protect your laptop even when open, so it isn’t made with a square edged zipper that opens the whole bag. Instead the front has an angled edge, and when opened gussets prevent the flap from falling open.

There’s not a lot of room for other stuff, so it’s actually desirable by those wanting to go with a minimal amount of items (although with a 10″ or 11″ I’m sure it’d hold a bit more).

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