HP Compaq 2133 – Info, Ships April 7th

HP Compaq 2133 First, treat these as rumors, but they seem fairly solid. Looks like some specifications concerning the HP Compaq 2133 have leaked out, with Engadget publishing them.

Of note, they are referring to it as the “HP 2133 Mini-Note”.

First off, they are talking about a shipping date of April 7. That is huge, if true. They are also looking at four models, from a budget $550 USD (1.2GHz CPU, 120GB storage, 1GB memory, Linux) up to a $750 (1.6GHz CPU, 120GB storage, 2GB Memory, Windows Vista Business) and $850 “regional”.

More details:
Display: 8.9-inch widescreen, 1280×768
CPU: 1.6GHz or 1.2GHz C7-M VIA CPU
Graphics: VIA Chrome 9
Storage: 120GB / 160GB Hard Drive
Memory: DDR2, 1GB – 2GB
Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g (Broadcomm)
Bluetooth: On the high-end 1.6GHz model.
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic/Business, S.u.S.E. Linux Enterprise Desktoop (SLED)

Pricing: Starts at $550 USD

Source: Engadget