Laptops of the Future: 2015

Computerworld 2015 Laptop Mockup Computerworld is running a really cool article with several mockups of future laptops – laptops/ultraportables we might be using in 2015.

Needless to say, thin and light is definitely in, and touchscreens have become incredibly relevant in their view. All have some form of touchscreen capability (at least the ones with LCD displays), and while a few do resemble traditional notebook form-factors, they look like they are able to transform into various configurations (singles-screen Tablet PC-style, dual-screen laptop, where one screen is also a keyboard, etc.).

The mockups are based on designs from designers, marketing types, and engineers.

Among the technologies they mention – projectors – by 2015, we should have projectors the size a deck of playing cards, which could do away with the need for an LCD display (those mentioned include LED backlighting). You could use any surface to work on. Multi-core processors (including six-core and eight-core even in small packages) will be the norm. They do agree that storage will be plentiful – either some kind of solid-state/flash-based, or online. As well, battery life will still limit us, but more efficient systems combined with newer lithium polymer cells that can be molded into the various nooks and crannies of a laptop, should help out there.

Very fascinating look at things – if nothing else, check out their gallery at the link below.

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Image Gallery: Meet the laptop you’ll be using in 2015