Asus Eee PC, Windows XP, and Best Buy

Asus Eee PC There are a couple of interesting articles on LAPTOP Magazine’s blog, concerning the Asus Eee PC.

First up: Hands-on with an Eee PC and Windows XP – The Windows XP version is going to be the same as the Eee PCs powered by the Xandros Linux distributions. Impressions were good, with a boot time of 40 seconds. They mentioned that three complaints they had earlier about the 7-inch ultraportables were video conferencing with the webcam, unable to load new applications easliy, and mobile broadband support, and that under Windows, all three issues were taken care of. However, a fairly serious issue arose, at least with the 4GB version = storage space on the Solid State flash-based drive – half of the space is taken up by Windows.

Next: Available at Best Buy in April. Asus told LAPTOP Magaizne that in the next few weeks, the Windows XP-powered version of the Asus Eee PC 4G will be available in US markets, including Best Buy, for $399. As mentioned above, these are identical to the Linux-powered versions.