Announced: Novatel MC990D/MC992D (Small HSPA Modems / GPS Receivers / Flash Drives)

Novatel MC990D MC992D

This week at the CTIA Wireless 2008 show, some interesting products rolled out.

Among them, a couple of tiny USB modems that allow for broadband internet access at decent speeds in most of the world, using HSPA, WCDMA,
EDGE and GPRS networks. They can download in the neighborhood of around 7Mbps and upload at around 5.75Mbps (assuming you have good connections). They have
built-in GPS receivers for directions/navigation, as well as doubling as flash memory/USB drive – they feature a microSD (Secure Digital)
slot that allows you to insert your microSD card.

According to Brad Weinert, president of Novatel Wireless, they were designed for travelers:
These latest additions to the Ovation product line were developed with these global travelers in mind, providing a variety of unique features such as an integrated antenna with receiver diversity and equalizer support to improve performance when on the fringe of a network.

The USB modems work with both Mac OS X and Windows. There is also a bundled USB cable that acts as an extension for those notebooks and ultraportable
devices that are not conducive to the modems being plugged directly in (some form factors may not have the USB slots in optimal
positions for these modems, such as the MacBook Air or some of the smaller 7″ or 5.6″ UMPCs).

MC990D: World-wide Access, 900MHz, 2100MHz (Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa)
MC992D: North America Access, 850MHz, 1900MHz (AT&T, Fido, Rogers (Canada))

Size: 70 x 25 x 13.5 mm (2.76 x 0.98 x 0.53 inches)

They should be available starting Q3 through various providers.

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