HP tx 2000 Review (jk)

HP Pavilion tx2000z James Kendrick has posted his first impressions of the HP tx2000 series, HP’s latest 12.1-inch “convertible” laptop/Tablet PC. It’s powered, by an AMD Dual-Core Turion 64 X2, and the particular model being reviewed has 4GB of memory and is running the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Vista.

As he points out, HP is touting this as an “entertainment notebook”, not something you hear very often when talking about Tablet PCs or small-form factor laptops, however this does function as a Windows Media Center. The touchscreen display features a dual-digitizer and according to James, works well with either touch or pen-based input:

The dual digitizer is a welcome upgrade over the touch-only predecessor, the tx1000. The touch is feather light and reminds me a lot of videos I’ve seen of the Dell Latitude XT with its capacitive digitizer. I can barely stroke the screen and have things happen just right which is very nice. The dual digitizer auto-switches so when I want to ink and bring the pen to the screen the touch-screen turns off to prevent interference and this works well too. All in all the tx2000 is a breeze to use with either touch or the pen and is well implemented.

Article: jkOnTheRun