Apple – Aluminum MacBook?

Apple Is Apple looking to replace the polycarbonate shell of the 13.3-inch MacBook with an aluminum casing, similar to the MacBook Air?

While it is a rumor at this point, it would not be surprising, since the iMac recently went through a polycarbonate to aluminum change, which allowed for some changes in the form-factor (thinner, etc.), although one would think Apple would want to keep as much of a difference as possible between their MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, and consumer-oriented MacBooks, especially given that the CPUs are on nearly equal footing (at least as far as the MacBook and MacBook Pro).

If two AppleInsider’s sources are correct, the white MacBook will see a change:

The report appears to corroborate AppleInsider’s source information on the subject, echoing assertions that white cases will disappear from the MacBook lineup, replaced instead by a silver, anodized aluminum enclosures reminiscent of those used in the MacBook Air and latest iMacs.

Report: AppleInsider