MacBook Air and 128GB SSD: Performance/Battery Life

Apple MacBook Air Anandtech has measured the performance and battery life of the Apple MacBook Air, when a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) is installed.

Now you are saying “the MacBook Air only has a maximum size of 64GB when talking about SSDs” and normally you would be right, however this article is taking a look at a faster and larger SSD, 128GB, installed in a MacBook Air, one that is provided by DVNation.

As noted in the original Anandtech review, the MacBook Air seemed faster when looking at start times of various applications, as well as getting a bit more battery life (5-15%) out of the laptop with a 64GB drive. The drive provided to Anandtech was the almost $4000 Memoright MR25.1-128 (yes, it’s more expensive than the MacBook Air, but hopefully that will change over time). In some cases the Memoright cut launch times in half when compared to the stock Hitachi 5400rpm drive.

Review: Anandtech