MSI Wind PC – Video

MSI Wind PC The Inquirer, in addition to having a little fun at the expense of the MSI Wind PC (or rather its name) is reporting that it should be getting close to launch, now that Intel is starting to ship Atoms.

Also, and more importantly, a video has popped up on the internet of the MSI Wind PC. Unfortunately, unless you speak Turkish, you’ll have to settle for just watching it, however “Mike Cane 2008” has posted several screen captures showing significant details as well as a comparison to other netbooks. A rough translation of the video indicates that they were able to get 2.5 hours of battery life. It appears this is the 10-inch version and not the 8.9-inch version of the netbook/subnotebook. This is probably a pre-production model given the availability of the Intel Atoms.

Original Website:
Video: YouTube
More Information: Mike Cane 2008
Article: The Inquirer