Dell Latitude XT Review (LAPTOP Mag)

Dell Latitude XT Earlier this week, LAPTOP Magazine pubilshed their review of the Dell’s first ultraportable Tablet PC/convertible laptop, the 12.1-inch Dell Latitude XT.

It’s based on Intel’s Santa Rosa platform and is one of the thinnest convertibles, due to the Intel Core Solo Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) U2100 (1.06GHz) or Core 2 Duo ULV U7600 (1.2GHz) along with an LED-backlit display.

It is the first convertible laptop to have a display that uses capacitive touch technology (think multi-touch applications or touchpads, such as the Apple MacBook Air).

LAPTOP Magazine states that due to the poor battery life of the smaller battery included, the 9-cell battery is a necessity, and overall they give it three out of five stars.

Review: LAPTOP Magazine