Intel: We Will Fix Atom Supply Issues

Intel Atom The Register had an interview with Sean Maloney, the head of Intel’s sales and marketing. As you may have seen, reports have recently come out about shortages of Intel’s next-generation mobile CPU, the Intel Atom. Being that it’s slated to launch next month and that quite a few netbooks/sub-notebooks are powered by the Atom (and therefore affected by any shortages), this has raised some concern.

Not to fear, says Mr. Maloney:

“We are at the early phase of a ramp….. We have had a lot of success with design wins. So, when you are in that early phase, you are always rushing to keep up with demand. But we are going to catch up with it….. It will be a short-lived phenomenon….. It’s on par with anytime we introduce a new product. It is not going to be any quicker or shorter. If the thing is a hit, then typically you are short for awhile and then the Intel machine (kicks in).”

No time frame was given.

Article: The Register