Chasing the $100 Laptop

The Christian Science Monitor has a three page article “More computer brands chase the ‘$100 laptop’ ” that looks into all of the uses that can be found for the netbooks/sub-notebooks, the ultraportable ultra-cheap devices that are rapidly dropping in price while rising in features and popularity.

They point out one of the problems with the segment in general:

The market segment is so new it doesn’t have a name yet or even an agreed-upon set of specifications. Intel, the chipmaker, calls the category “netbooks,” recognizing that much of what people do on their laptops involves going on the Net. The new machines are also being called ultra-low-cost PCs, mininotebooks, or even mobile Internet gadgets.

It’s an interesting article – while all of the technophiles (myself included) are looking for faster performance, more functionality, etc., they look at where these will potentially have the biggest impact:

“I really think the unknown dynamic is what happens when these $200 to $300 netbooks are unleashed in India and China and Indonesia,” said Paul Otellini, president and CEO of Intel…