Toshiba R500 Review (Gear Diary)

Toshiba Portege R500 Over the weekend, Gear Diary published a new review of the The Toshiba Portege R500, Toshiba’s high-end 12.1-inch ultraportable laptop with an LED-backlit display.

Part of what makes this a little more high-end than other 12.1-inch laptops is that the particular model reviewed has a 64GB flash memory-based Solid State Drive (SSD), similar to the 13-inch Apple MacBook Air. In theory, an SSD can decrease the weight slightly, as well as increase the battery life and the response (in certain situations).

The review noted that even though the R500 gets down to around MacBook Air specs when it comes to thinness and size, it has quite a few more ports which is a big advantage, however they did not consider the display to be on par with the Air’s.

Review: Gear Diary