FlipStart is “Repositioning”

Vulcan Flipstart According to UMPCPortal, FlipStart is repositioning itself and exiting the UMPC/sub-notebook market. The Vulcan FlipStart 1.0 will not have a follow-on device. This after the Vulcan’s product page directed you to visit another site for batteries and accessories.

I’m not surprised given how rapidly the market changed when the “netbooks” took off. When the Vulcan had no competition other than the OQO Model 02, it could get by with its higher price-point. Once the netbooks took off, plus the Fujitsu LifeBook U810, even with the price drop, it probably wasn’t enough. It was a good idea (well some of the design choices were a little odd – thumb-based input, etc.) when it had little competition, and it should be given some credit for helping open people’s eyes to the size of these devices.

Read: UMPCPortal.com
Thanks to Tim for sending this in.