Mini/Sub-Notebook Typing Contest (LAPTOP Mag)

HP Compaq 2133 Mini-Note LAPTOP Magazine held a small contest last week, where they brought in three of the new “netbook” or sub-notebooks (or mini-notebooks if you prefer), and brought in several people, who then engaged in a typing contest on each, to see which of these devices handled the best when it came to typing a lot of data.

The Sub-Notebooks/Netbooks:
Asus Eee PC – Intel, 7-inch
CTL 2Go PC / Intel Classmate 2 – Intel, 8.9-inch
HP 2133 Mini-Note PC – VIA, 8.9-inch

Not surprisingly, the 8.9-inch HP 2133 Mini-Note handled the best, with it’s near full-sized keyboard:

Based on the average words per minute among our contestants, the HP Mini-Note easily conquered the Eee PC and the 2Go PC. Our typists produced an average of 53.25 wpm on the Mini-Note, despite concerns about its lack of tactile feedback. The 92% full size keyboard certainly provided the advantage over the child-sized keys on the Eee PC and the 2Go PC.

You can read the end results of the competition (as well as check the individual pages) here:

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