ThinkPads and Wireless Switches

Lenovo ThinkPad X300 David Hill from the Lenovo ThinkPad design team, is running a user poll about ThinkPads and the wireless radio switches, and whether people use them, whether they prefer them accessible with the LCD/Display open, or whether they prefer them accessible with the LCD/display open or closed.

The design team is taking feedback for the next generation of ThinkPads.

As David points out, ThinkPads currently have two methods of managing wireless. The “GUI” software version (Function+F5) or the phsyical hardware switch. Being that they put a lot of thought into certain aspects of the ThinkPad, it sounds like they are working on new designs (hopefully the ThinkPad X200 among others), and are wanting to address the location of the wireless radio switches:

Usually it (wireless radio switch) ends up being placed in a spot that it fits rather than where we would ideally like to place it. This is due to prioritization of the limited prime real estate for connectors, PCMCIA slots, drive, bays batteries, etc. The hardware wireless switch acts primarily as a rapid kill switch for all wireless radios. It’s probably used most often when the flight attendant reminds you of it in their typical “electronic devices” speech, or when you accidentally bump it to the off position with your stomach.

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