MacBook Air Review (NotebookReview)

Apple MacBook Air A user over at Notebook (queshy) posted their review of the 13.3-inch ultralight Apple MacBook Air.

The review discusses compromises made to shrink the size down to fit in such a small laptop form factor (as in thin), as well as their reasons for doing so (thin, lightweight, already a Mac OS X user, etc.).

They did encounter the issue that others have had with the batteries – namely insane charge cycles – we are talking 8-hours to charge the laptop (and in some instances not even fully charging in that amount of time). A replacement was obtained that fully recharges from %0 – 100% in less than four hours.

They also discussed their experiences using the Remote Disk feature (basically “borrowing” the optical drive of another machine to install software/content).

Even though they had some problems, they were very upbeat about the MacBook Air, provided you are a part of the target audience (i.e. looking for something truly ultraportable but with a decent-sized screen, and willing to forego a few features – internal optical drive, etc.).

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