MSI Wind PC (10-inch) – For the US in June

MSI Wind PC LAPTOP Magazine has an interview with MSI’s Director of US Sales Andy Tung, concerning the 10-inch MSI Wind PC and it’s US release (yes, it’s coming to the US, and this could make me reconsider my HP 2133 purchase).

Among the highlights:
– Only the 10-inch MSI Wind will be available in the US
– Available starting June 3rd, 2008.
– Four different colors: black, white, silver, pink
– Six hours of battery life with the standard 6-cell battery, tested with Windows XP (longer with Linux)
– 1.6GHz CPU (but doesn’t necessarily run at 1.6GHz – depends on the task)

Two versions:
Linux: Novel/SUSE Linux Enterprise, 512MB Memory, 80GB HDD, $399
Windows XP: 1GB Memory, 80GB HDD, Bluetooth, $549
– A base Windows XP configuration will be made available for under $500

Read: LAPTOP Magazine