MSI Wind PC Review – 10-inch (CHW.Net)

MSI Wind PC One of the first reviews (albeit a very brief review) of the MSI Wind PC has been published by Chile Hardware ( It appears to be a review of the 10-inch version of the Wind PC (the review is in Spanish). They compare it to a 12.1-inch MSI laptop, and given the smaller keyboard, they believe you can hit 80% of your normal typing speed. This one is running Windows.

They’ve posted pictures, including a picture of the case/sleeve that comes with the Wind, as well as showing off the LED-backlit display. The pictures give you a good idea of the cooling involved (check out the vents on the bottom) as well as the blue LEDs on the edge of the palm rest that give you a status of WiFi, battery, etc. (and they do look nice).

This is a prototype they looked at, but they were able to run CPU-Z on it and take a look at the CPU (the Intel Atom). Running a video from YouTube, they didn’t get above 50% on CPU Usage.

Read: Google Translation (Chile Hardware)
Original: (Chile Hardware) (Spanish)