VIA: 45nm, Dual-Core CPUs, Isaiah news

VIA Technologies VIA Technologies is working on moving towards a 45nm process for its CPU manufacturing, and expects to have dual-core versions of this CPU towards the end of 2009.

VIA also announced more details concerning it’s upcoming Isaiah-based CPU. It will be 2GHz, with a frontside bus of 800MHz to 1.333GHz with 1MB of L2 Cache. The interesting thing about these CPUs (or I should say relevant, as far as we are concerned) is that they are pin-compatible with VIA’s C7 CPUs.

The C7 series powers such sub-notebooks/laptops as the 8.9-inch HP 2133 Mini-Note and 7-inch Everex CloudBook.

Should HP stay with VIA for its Mini-Note line, this could be a huge performance increase in the future.

Read: DigiTimes