Sharp Willcom D4 – Hands On (Akihabara)

Sharp Willcom D4 Although it’s a bit pricier than most of the so-called netbooks or sub-notebooks (around $1300 USD), it’s been an eagerly watched ultraportable, and Akihabara News has received a major scoop – they have one of the first, if not the first, hands-on previews/reviews of the Willcom D4.

The Willcom D4 is a unique device – it can function as a phone, but with it’s 5-inch wide touchscreen display (LED backlit along with a 1024×600 resolution), sliding keyboard, and 1.33GHz Intel Atom and running on top of Microsoft Windows Vista, it still falls into the UMPC category (if not sub-notebook).

Because it had Windows Vista, performance was not the best, but Akihabara News was told that a Windows XP version was much faster.

Plenty of photos and a video are included to give you an idea of just what is possible in a package this small.

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