Netflix Player by Roku

Netflix Player Quite a few of us have Netflix accounts (Netflix is a online DVD rental company – they mail DVDs out to you, you watch them, send them back in the pre-paid mailer and then get a new one).

Netflix and Roku have announced theNetflix Player. It can be purchased for $100 (a one-time fee and separate from your Netflix account fees) and it streams up to 10,000 different movies and TV shows directly to your TV through a variety of connections (HDMI, Component, Composite, S-Video) and it accesses the internet / content through either a wired or wireless ethernet connection.
Netflix Player
Before you say “what does this have to do with ultraportables”, bear with us. A lot of us travel. A lot of hotels are now offering high-speed internet, but the movie/channel selection on the TV is limited (unless you are willing to pay additional charges). If you happen to have a Netflix account, once you’ve set this up online (you plug in a number from the box into your Netflix account and from there it’s tied to your account), you could conceivably take it around with you as you travel (at least in the US) and it’s small enough to pack with your other gear.

Picture quality is limited by your network speeds. Netflix will be offering HD content in the future, and the player can be easily upgraded to handle HD content (no additional charges).

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