Intel, Solid State Drives, and Centrino 2

Intel According to DigiTime’s sources, Intel is going to be launching their own flash memory-based Solid State Drives (SSDs) later this year – by the end of September, and that they see SSDs becoming the default storage format for laptops.

They are also claiming that the SSDs will be bundled with Intel’s Centrino 2 (Montevina) platform.

This bundled platform and SSD line will be called the “Intel High Performance SSD” and will not be targeting the lower-end netbook / sub-notebook category.

The Serial ATA (SATA) drives will be delivered in both 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch form factors. They believe Intel can double that to 160GB by the end of the year, and hit 250GB next year.

Read: DigiTimes