Asus Eee PC … Touchscreen and/or Tablet?

Asus Asustek Logo This would almost fall under the “Rumors” category, however it’s a quote from an Asus Australia official (actually the Australian national retail manager to be precise), Emmanuele Silanesu, and it could be as big as the original Eee PC announcement. Asus appears to be looking at something in the Eee PC area that would not be a typical clamshell laptop/notebook form factor, and it would have a touchscreen, with the official announcement at Computex in Taipei (Taiwan) in a few weeks:

Speaking exclusively to, Asus Australia national retail manager, Emmanuele Silanesu, said the company’s Eee PC division was “obviously looking at other form factors rather than just a clamshell”.

While he could not give further details, Silanesu said the new model would use a touchscreen and hinted it could see the light at Taipei’s Computex show, which begins 3 June.

As the article notes, the original Asus Eee PC ultraportable, the Asus Eee PC 700 was revealed around this time last year at Computex.