MSI Wind U100 Video Review (SoloPalmari)

MSI Wind PC Jamie T. emailed me a link to a new video review / first impression of the MSI Wind U100 from (an Italian tech/mobile-oriented website). The version reviewed was the black model and similar to other glossy black ultraportables, it apparently attracts fingerprints and smudges (I still think it looks great).

The review mentions an MSI Wind U90 and that it is a smaller version, so presumably the U100 is the 10-inch version, while the U90 is the 8.9-inch version (and it certainly looks like a 10-inch version of the MSI Wind ultraportable in the videos and photos).

They were surprised at times by the peformance of the 1.6GHz Intel Atom, and the model reviewed is running Microsoft Windows XP. They’ve included a good photo of the bottom of the U100 showing the ventilation.

Going by the Google translation, it looks like they were comfortable typing on the keyboard with all 10 fingers – something important for touch typists.

Video: YouTube
Review: (Italian)
Translated: through Google