VIA versus Intel in Netbooks / Sub-Notebooks

VIA Technologies There’s a very interesting competition going on when it comes to Netbooks / Sub-Notebooks and their CPUs. It doesn’t involve AMD – it’s basically Intel versus VIA Technologies,

Right now, the main face-off, as far as the public is concerned, is between Intel-powered devices such as the Asus Eee PC which is powered by older technology from Intel (although that is set to change in a few weeks when Intel’s newest mobile platform rolls out in the MSI Wind U100) and the VIA powered HP 2133 Mini-Note. There have been rumors that HP could later switch the Mini-Notes over to Intel Atoms, but VIA is fighting back.

As Tom Abate in the San Francisco Chronicle writes, it’s a very important fight for VIA in the overall processor market:

Serving this new low-cost, low-power niche has earned Via a toehold in the microprocessor market, making it a distant third behind Advanced Micro Devices, which is itself dwarfed by Intel.

“Via could get stomped by Intel or it could get carried along and benefit as Intel legitimizes the market,” said Tom Halfhill, an analyst with Microprocessor Report Online, a trade publication that tracks the industry

Read: San Francisco Chronicle
Via: GottaBeMobile