Intel CEO on Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs)

Intel Atom Peter Svensson with the Associated Press, published an article today where Paul Otellini, Intel’s CEO, discussed the upcoming Intel Atom CPU, as well as how Intel Corp. is reacting to the rising popularity of sub-notebooks / netbooks.

In the past, Intel was clearly about producing faster and faster CPUs. Recently they began to push power efficiency (which has helped give us incredibly powerful mainstream laptops), and now they are looking at making CPUs small, cheap and with an emphasis more on power efficiency rather than performance.

Otellini discussed the new trend and mentioned that he’s not too worried about cannibalization of higher-priced laptops (because he wants Intel to be the company who picks up the sale regardless of the level):

“I’ve not seen energy like this from our customers in a long, long time….. Everyone views this as being sort of hyperexpansive to the existing market.”

“If a higher-priced notebook isn’t substantially better and doesn’t offer more utility, shame on us… If there’s cannibalization, I’d rather be the cannibal than someone else.”

Read: AP/Austin-American Statesman