MSI Wind – Power Consumption, Taken Apart

MSI Wind PC VR-Zone has put together an overview of the MSI Wind, including several photos of one taken apart, as well as Power Consumption.

It gives you a good idea of just how small the Intel Atom CPU is, as well as the cooling needed for this new CPU/platform (here’s a hint: not much cooling is required).

The power consumption tests were interesting – under a full load with maximum display brightness, the MSI Wind was still pulling less than 20W. If you add in charging the battery, it rose to 32W. Not too bad at all.

With their tests of the standard 3-cell 2200mAh battery (a 6-cell version will be rolled out later), they were able to get over 2 hours of usage under “normal” conditions. Unfortunately they are under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and can’t talk about anything performance related.

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