MSI Wind Plans – Computex and Later This Year

MSI Wind PC MSI is discussing their plans for the Computex trade show next week, as well as for the 10-inch and 8.9-inch versions of their highly anticipated MSI Wind netbook / sub-notebook.

The 10-inch version of the Wind laptop will launch with Windows XP and will come in three colors – black, white, and pink. There will be both a three-cell (around $589 US) and six-cell version (around $620 US) of the Wind. It will be available next week.

The 8.9-inch versions of the Wind won’t be available until July or August.

MSI Chairman Joseph Hsu believes that they will ship two million notebooks in 2008, with the Wind playing a big part of that. He also mentioned that sometime after June, the shortage of batteries and Intel Atom CPUs should be alleviated (which could explain the 8.9-inch versions of the Wind not launching until after June).

Read: DigiTimes