MSI Wind U100 Preview (Fudzilla)

MSI Wind PC Fudzilla got one of the early samples of the 10.2-inch version of the MSI Wind PC U100 notebook. They have posted quite a few pictures, including one of the Wind U100 sitting on a food tray in an airliner, with room left for food.

Unfortunately, like the other websites that have gotten their hands on the U100s, they aren’t able to discuss too much about the new CPU from Intel that’s powering it, the Intel Atom, other than to say that it runs from 700MHz to 1.6GHz depending on what you are doing (variable speed/power saving features), and that the Hyperthreading feature was improved to give a performance boost for some things. They were not impressed with the multi-media capabilities.

They mention that those of you comfortable with 12-inch laptops should have no problems with the keyboard on the U100:

The keyboard is small but anyone who has ever worked with 12-inch notebooks won’t have problems getting used to it. I am typing this on a plane on a Wind PC notebook, so imagine that this notebook fits on the food tray in the plane and feels really comfortable.

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