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Over the next few days, we will be bringing you what amounts to a few dozen stories covering a lot of announcements that are coming out of Computex 2008, currently being held through June 7, 2008, in Taipei, Taiwan, so will basically be Computex-only stories through the weekend – the stories will still revolve around ultraportable laptops and notebooks, it’s just that some stories and projects are getting pushed back to next week.

You can follow our coverage and read up on Computex here:

Computex at

The above page will be updated as we post new stories / announcements, with the dates next to each. We are going to try and cover everything in the most comprehensive way that we can – as such, we are not going to be the fastest.

Next week, we’ll also put together a comprehensive summary of everything that was announced.

Some recommended websites to keep up on the Computex news.