MSI Wind for the US – Final Information

MSI Wind PC At Computex, MSI has officially finalized details for its 10-inch MSI Wind in regards to US options and pricing. We received an email stating that they would be shipping on June 16, 2008, but have not verified it.

It will be shipping on June 16, 2008 for the US. Only 10-inch versions available (for now, hopefully the 8.9-inch versions will be available later this year).

The model names, at least in the US, will be MSI Wind NB-Linux or Wind NB-Windows (aka U100-Linux or U100-Windows).

The Linux model will cost $399 USD (a steal), the Windows XP Home model will cost $499 USD.

Updated Features / Specs:
– 3 hours battery life with 3-cell battery
– Weighs 2.3 pounds / 1.04 kg with 6-cell battery
– Maximum 2GB of memory
– 512MB Memory for Linux models, 1GB Memory for Windows models
– 56K Modem, Gigabit ethernet
– “Magnifying Capability” – magnify words/areas on the display
– Special Insert Mold Roller Technology (IMR) – protects the Wind from fading while reducing visible fingerprints/smudges.
– Comes with a protective bag