AMD and Netbooks

AMD There’s been some buzz about some photos that popped up at a few websites concerning an AMD netbook. AVING had the best photos / video of the purported ultraportable notebook. It was reported to have a 7″ touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024×600 or 800×480 (1024×600 seems awfully small on a 7-inch display).

With the launch of AMD’s new laptop chip, the Puma, AMD’s Scott Shutter mentioned that AMD will not be jumping into the netbook / UMPC market anytime soon: “Our roadmap has us going there (the UMPC market) in the future–the first half of 2010. We will have products that play into that space when we believe that growth warrants it.

After the buzz really got going, an AMD spokesperson (Phil Hughes) discussed the photos from AVING and other sites and said it’s a small notebook from Raon Digital and not an AMD reference or proof-of-concept design that AMD will be producing and selling: “It is a Raon Digital product and will start production at the end of July…..They have two models. One is TL-56 (Turion processor)-based and the other is Sempron 3700-based..”

He went on to mention examples of laptops / ultraportable devices that fall into the netbook category that already exist and are using AMD CPUs, such as the 7-inch Kohjinsha E8 running an AMD LX-800 Geode CPU.

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