Dell Mini Inspiron Release Date, Keyboard Details

Dell Mini Inspiron Some good (and interesting) news about the Dell Mini Inspiron . David Flynn (APC Magazine) has been visiting Dell in Austin, Texas, and has come up some information in regards to the Dell Mini Inspiron’s launch.

In regards to a launch date, Alex Gruzen, Dell’s Consumer Product Group Senior Vice President, said “We’ll be launching later this summer”.

The reason for the delay? “The reason we were later to the market is we’ve been working on getting the right keyboard……..The keypad design accommodates as best as possible the best user experience for this class of products.”

He also mentioned the interest sparked by the Mini Inspiron:

During a packed two day international media briefing at Dell’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, the single product which attracted the most attention was the company’s forthcoming mini-note.

The pre-production model seen in Austin were slightly different from the Mini Inspiron seen recently being carried by Michael Dell. The one seen in Austin was glossy black (versus candy red), and the keyboard labeling was different.

– Due by August (outside chance of July)
– Inspiron Mini mentioned as a name
– Shortcuts for standby mode, volume, screen brightness, media playback, wireless, external display toggle
– Possibly four status LEDs
– Manufactured by OEM Compal
– Display mounted directly on a hinge
– Various colors (similar to current Dell laptop lines)
– Target customers: Students, emerging markets, “travel companion”

Read: APC Magazine

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