MSI Wind – The Next Generation

MSI Wind PC According to a PC World article, MSI is already hard at working at planning the next version of the ultraportable MSI Wind (which comes in two versions – one with a 10.2-inch display, the other with an 8.9-inch display).

MSI’s Direct of Sales in the US, Andy Tung, mentioned that this time around it will be oriented towards business users.

It’s going to be smaller and thinner than the current Wind mini-laptops/netbooks, although it will be based on the design of the existing Wind (and will reuse as many components as possible).

Because Intel’s Atom isn’t going to be upgraded anytime soon, they’ll be concentrating mainly on design as well as upgrading some other areas in order to appeal to businesses.

Don’t look for it before the first quarter of 2009 though.

He also mentioned that MSI is working on something even smaller that’s geared mainly towards people who are wanting to access the internet. It would have a screen smaller than 7″, along with a keypad that slides out. The device sounds like it would be competing with the 5-inch OQO Model 02

Read: PC World