HP, Acer, Settle Patent Lawsuits, Good News for US

Acer Logo Good news for Acer fans, HP and Acer have settled their patent lawsuits. Hewlett-Packard made the announcement yesterday that the patent-infringement lawsuits it filed last October against Acer were settled. They involved three federal court lawsuits as well as a couple of investigations between HP and Acer by the US International Trade Commission.

The lawsuits covered several important areas involving laptops, including power management in laptops as well as thermal management.

If successful, the lawsuits could have barred Acer from exporting its computers and laptops to the United States as well as selling them (regardless of whether it was through a third party).

The actions are being dismissed. This means that the Acer Aspire One, Acer’s much-anticipated 8.9-inch netbook, as well as some of the other ultraportables that Acer produces will be available (or continue to be available) in the United States.

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