Dell E and E Slim

Dell Mini Inspiron Looks like the Dell Mini Inspiron ummmm make that “Dell E” is going to be priced incredibly cheap – starting at $299.

Engadget got the scoop tonight, and Dell won’t just be offering an 8.9-inch device, they’ll also be rolling out the 12.1-inch “E Slim”. The Dell E should be available in August, while the E Slim will be available in August – September, with sequels slated for the second quarter of 2009.

Dell E Classic
– 8.9-inch Display
– Low-end
– $299

Dell E Video and E Video +
– 8.9-inch Display
– More ram than E Classic
– Larger SSD than E Classic
– Webcam
– Bluetooth (possibly + model only)

Dell E Slim
– Maybe the same as the Latitude E4200
– 12.1-inch Display
– 0.8 inches thick

Also, Linux and Windows XP will run on all models, with a possible “BlackTop” version of Linux meant for instant-on access.

My take: Interesting that they are throwing a 12.1″ into the mix – this could be targeted towards business users or others (or as Engadget points out, the MacBook Air / ThinkPad X300 crowd, given how thin it is). I like the starting price, but would like to know more about the other options.

I also don’t care for the name – too close to the Asus Eee PC line. C’mon Dell, I know you had already planned on a Latitude E line – and maybe the Dell Latitude E4200 is the same as the E Slim, but Mini Inspiron sounded better (or Inspiron Mini), given that it will be compared to the Asus lineup.

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