HP 2133 Mini-Note and Windows Vista SP1, XP SP3

HP 2133 Mini-Note Over at HP 2133 Mini-Note Guide, they’ve posted some new performance benchmarks for the HP 2133 Mini-Note using updated drivers from VIA for the CN896 chipset and Chrome 9 integrated graphics chipset that were recently released for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP.

The benchmarks with the new drivers were between Windows XP and Windows XP with the new drivers, and Windows Vista and Windows Vista SP1 and the new drivers.

Among the highlights:
– Overall, Vista SP1 with the new drivers was close to XP SP3 with the new drivers (both were slight improvements over Vista and XP SP2)
– 3DMark03 scores improved around 15% with Vista when SP1 and the new drivers were added.
– 3DMark03 scores with XP SP3 were around 16% higher than Vista SP1
– 3DMark06 scores with XP SP3 were around 15% higher than Vista SP1

They note that video playback overall was improved with the new drivers and service packs, and that no matter what OS you are running, the latest drivers and Service Pack do make quite a bit of difference.

Read: HP2133Guide.com