ECS: G10IL Sales, European Mobile Connectivity

ECS G10IL PC World is running a couple of articles about the ECS G10IL, which is the netbook entry from Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS). It’s a 10-inch or 8.2-inch ultraportable notebook powered by an Intel Atom CPU and either Microsoft Windows XP or Linux. They expect to ship one million ECS G10IL units along with Intel Classmate PCs (which they are under contract for). August or September are the earliest some versions of the G10IL will be shipping.

ECS is branching the G10IL into two lines – one is the “G” series that will come with a 3G mobile/wireless module that allows for decent speeds over mobile phone networks. It will have a 6-cell battery, 2GB of RAM, and an 80GB Hard Drive. The G version is going to be distributed through mobile phone providers (they are looking at a September or October timeframe for G10IL’s with 3G options). They are looking at around $500 for the G series, but that may vary – it could be lowered / subsidized depending on contracts signed by mobile phone customers.

The “J” series will offer, in addition to the 10.2-inch version, an 8.2-inch version (that’s not a typo, it’s 8.2 inches), along with smaller hard drives and lower-capacity batteries. It might start out at around $400.

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