Toshiba Satellite Pro 400 Hands-On (SlashGear)

Toshiba Satellite U400 U405 Bree over at SlashGear has posted their hands-on experience with the Toshiba Satellite Pro 400, Toshiba’s latest 13.3-inch laptop. The unit reviewed had one of Intel’s latest CPUs, the Intel T8100 Penryn 2.1GHz processor.

They compared it to a regular Toshiba Satellite, and while it lacked some of the multimedia features of the regular, the non-glossy finish held up much better – it looked more “professional” and more importantly, hid fingerprints (something that bugs a lot of people).

They found the keyboard to be sturdier than others in its class, and felt the price was a good value (in fact, the price for non-Penryn models at some online retailers such as Amazon has dropped to $877).

SlashGear – review
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