Dell Latitude E Series (E4200, E4300) – Announcement Coming?

Dell Latitude E4200 It would appear that we will soon be seeing full information (and release dates) for the Dell Latitude E series – the Latitude E4200 and Latitude E4300. This, according to an official appearance of the “Laitude E-Family Laptops!” on

The E4300 will probably have a 13.3-inch display and possibly be a replacement for the Latitude D430 (which, while the D430 has a smaller display, the e4300 actually weighs less).

The E4200 will probably have a 12.1-inch widescreen display, start at 2.2 pounds (1kg) weight-wise), and could be the high-end version of this series (with the E4300 being a reasonably-priced version of the D430).

Both should have DisplayPort (an upgrade for video connections), eSATA, and should be based on Intel’s Centrino 2 platform.

Engadget believes that based on the appearance at, that there will be an official announcement sometime in the next five weeks .

Dell Latitude E4200

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