MSI Wind U100 – Amazon Ship Times (US)

MSI Wind PC Looks like shipping dates for the 10.2-inch MSI Wind U100 in the United States are starting to firm up. The U100 will be available in the last week in July into the first weeks of August.

Model # MSMU1-035LABK at is showing as shipping in 3-5 week for $499.99.

– Windows XP Home
– 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor
– 80 GB Hard Drive,
– 1 GB RAM
– 3-cell battery (3 hours battery life)

It’s only one model, but it’s a start.

As far as 6-cell batteries, expect it to be several weeks after the 3-cell battery models ship (although nothing would prevent you from buying the 3-cell model now and ordering a 6-cell battery later on).