OCZ Core SSDs Announced – $479 for 128GB SSD

OCZ SSD SATA OCZ Technology Group has announced a new line of low-cost Solid State Drives (SSD). They are calling it the “Core Series” and the prices are incredibly competitive and affordable, compared to what we’ve seen in the past.

They use a Serial ATA (SATA) interface at SATA II speeds, in a 2.5″ form factor. Advantages of SSDs included increased battery life, lower heat, reduced power consumption, and increased durability (no moving parts).

– 32GB – $169
– 64GB – $259
– 128GB – $479

OCZ is claiming read speeds of 120-143Mbs adn write speeds of 80-93Mbs, with seek times running less than 0.35ms, making them incredibly fast when compared to current mechanical drives.

At $479 for a 128GB SSD, this is easily less than half of what existing SSD drives are running for in this capacity (it’s even less than half of what OCZ’s existing 64GB SSDs are selling for).

This should really shake up the market (and quite frankly, I’m surprised we saw such low-cost SSD with this capacity so soon – I expected late 2008 or into 2009 at the earliest).

AOL / BusinessWire