MSI Wind U100 Shipping in the US, 6-cell Delayed

MSI Wind PC We mentioned yesterday that the 10-inch MSI Wind U100 had started showing up at online retailers.

MSI is making it official, announcing that they have started to ship all pre-ordered Wind U100 netbooks (probably the ones order through MSI and not Amazon, etc.).

They mention that it will be sold through Fry’s, which should give quite a few people the chance to see one in person. Unfortunately it looks like 3-cell battery versions for now.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – July 8, 2008 – MSI Computer, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, has begun shipping all the pre-ordered Wind U100 notebooks. The Wind, with its speedy new Intel Atomâ„¢ 1.6GHz processor, is also on sale at Fry’s and online at,,,,, and These first notebooks sold will feature Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition and a 3-cell battery.

In September, MSI will begin selling a Windows version of the Wind with a 6-cell battery , as well as the Linux version with a 3-cell battery. MSI will also carry a 6-cell battery for customers who wish to upgrade their 3-cell battery in late September.

Kind of a bummer about the 6-cell, but it’s not MSI’s fault, and the shortage should be over in the next two months.

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