Voodoo Envy 133 – Pricing, Website

Voodoo Envy 133 The Voodoo Envy 133 official website / product page has went live, with full details and pricing. The 13.3-inch ultra slim Envy 133 is one of the thinnest in its class (if not the thinnest), and is definitely a rival to the MacBook Air and ThinkPad X300 ultraportables.

The pricing ranges from $2099 (“casual user”) through $3399 (“road warrior”) with additional charges for color schemes other than black – you have a wide range of colors in which to clad the laptop: Powder Pink, Moroccan Blue, Kama Gold, Silverstone Blue, Poison Purple, Monaco Yellow. Imola Orange, Classic Red, Flat Black, Anvil, Slate, Sunset, Shadow, Ceramic (White), Black Weave (default).

The low-end models have a 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with a conventional 4200rpm hard drive, while the high-end models use a 1.8GHz CPU, and a 64GB Solid State Drive (SSD). The CPUs are the same as in the MacBook Air and X300s.

It appears that you can’t just order it – you need to request a price quote from an HP / VoodooPC sales representative (they can contact you via email or phone or online chat).

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