Voodoo Envy 133 Unboxing, Packaging

Voodoo Envy 133 Want to know what you get from your $2099 (and on up) when you purchase a 13.3-inch ultra-lightweight Voodoo Envy 133?

Well Rahul Sood, the guy who founded VoodooPC and who is now the Chief Technology Officer for HP/Compaq’s gaming component, posted an unboxing article of sorts, discussing just what went into the design of the packaging for the Voodoo Envy.

Included are pictures of the “Voodoo Aura power connect” which is not only an A/C adapter (which, by the way, they included extra power cables in case any become frayed from heavy use), but also acts as a wireless router.

It definitely rivals many of the other high-end/luxury-type laptops:

Our packaging expert Allison worked with our ID folks to design the Envy 133 presentation box to look somewhat like a Tiffany box. It lifts up like a hat box to reveal a wonderful presentation, including the Envy 133 wrapped in a microfiber polish sleeve.

Read: RahulSood.com